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“Well Done is Better than Well Said” That’s true! After we decided to go to the e-commerce market, we had a new goal: We want to be the best Magento development agency in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. To meet this goal, we hired specialized developers, but we had an important choice which e-commerce platform Will we specialize? We chose Magneto platform. We can help you with Magento web development process.

What is Magento?

Magento is an e-commerce content management system that currently sits on the Marketplace of eCommerce as the world’s number 1 platform. According to statistics on its official website, More than 200,000 retailers around the world use Magento And more than 208,286 sites currently use it as a platform to manage their online store. Magento deals with more than 100 billion dollars of goods. Largest retailers and global brands use Magento e.g. Adidas, Samsung, Nike and more. This is what made Magento number one.

Recently, Adobe announced its acquisition of Magento in a deal of 1.68 billion $ on May 21st this year.

This acquisition wasn’t the first, Magento Inc. was founded in 2008, then the eBay company purchased it in 2011 in an agreement reached 180 million US dollars, then Magento returned as an independent company in 2015 with financial support from Permira Investment Corporation. In a deal worth $ 200 million and lastly In May of this year, Adobe acquired Magento.


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What are the steps of Magento web development process?

We try to follow the best practices while we design and develop the electronic stores in order to reach our goal and be the best Magento development agency in the Gulf. We follow these steps in every new Magento project

1. We search for the need for an electronic store for your business.
2. Once the delivery date and objectives have been determined, we choose a strategy for working on a new Magento project.
3. We determine the appropriate work plan to work on your project as we consider the delivery date and objectives set.
4. We design the user interface for the new Magento shop according to the requirements of the user.
5. We develop your site and start the process of integration with the infrastructure of the Magento server.
6. Launch your new online store.
7. We help you to manage your online store provide the technical support to improve the performance of your store.

Why Magento is the best e-commerce?

1. Magento is an integrated management system – Magento gives you the ability to control every aspect of selling your products on your electronic store. It also allows you to craft your products and branding as you prefer, enables you to have a very customizable e-store.

2. Magento is integrated with Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a comprehensive web app that lets you track all your visitors’ behavior, from how long people see your site, to the pages that lead them to your site, you can easily see which advertising methods on your site generate more revenue. This is useful because it gives you the information you need to understand consumers’ behavior and their characteristics to focus on targeting the most profitable segment of your e-store.

3. Magento is compatible with search engines (SEO friendly) – Your ranking in search engine results is vital to your business success as more and more people buy your products from the store you became more successful. Since most Internet users do not venture to browse more than the first page of search results, Magento includes search engine friendly URLs and the ability to add Sitemaps to ensure that your site’s visibility improves.

4. Magento contains innovative technologies – Magento helps you to understand your customers, gives you accurate information about your store such as best products offers, the best products purchased, at any stage of buyer journey even where people abandon their shopping cart and leaving the store. This provides a valuable information so that you can ensure being the best possible by meeting customer needs and expectations.

5. Mutual Selling on Product Pages – Magento allows you to increase revenue by enabling you to choose products to appear as suggestions to people who are already making a purchase from your online store. You can also use the product evaluation to make sure you offer products that buyers may also want to purchase.

6. Discount code feature – Discount code management is available on Magento since the preparation of discounts and temporary offers is a great way to encourage sales during quieter periods. It is easy to prepare a special offer with a certain discount code on Magento, and you can manage it entirely using the discount code management section in Magento.

7- Magento offers inventory control options – You can easily control the numbers available for each product in your store. Buyers in your store can’t know that this product is not available and then again! Magento gives you easier control of managing your products and the number of available products for sale on your store. That enables you to store and offer products in time before the product quantity becomes very low.

8. Magento makes the purchase simpler – Magento is being developed so that every step of the buying process is easier for customers. This is good. The term “registration” can lead new customers to fear of your store if it suddenly appears before the purchase. To make the purchase more simple, Magento enables you to buy by choosing the product and order without any other complications. You can also know the status of all purchases and see if they have completed well or have not been completed. The process of ordering the product from one page only without the complexities of registration not only makes it easy for the user to order But also contribute to give a positive character about your store and e-shopping.

9. Accounts for clients –  Magento provides a detailed account for each customer that contains the order status and date. By offering the “My Account” option in your e-store settings, it will be easier for customers to go back to your website, providing a way to track orders and record purchases.

10. Multiple images of the product and the ability to enlarge the image – Enable customers to view products from all different angles and thus make a careful decision about their purchases, which reduces the likelihood of returning the product to your store. For you, it offers a great opportunity to show the products, this increases the product sales.

How does Magento work?

Magento is an e-commerce platform built in open source PHP programming language that provides emerging companies and enterprises with advanced e-commerce solutions and a large community support with flexible, scalable and modular architecture with many user-friendly control options.

Magento enables sellers to prepare electronic shop where customers can buy products, and sellers can manage orders and update product inventory and track billing and orders through their store which works on Magento platform.

The seller can bring visitors to the site by marketing his site and displaying his products on the Internet. Visitors to the site can decide on the purchase of a product or products offered on this online store and enables the buyer to pay for the product immediately by card or complete The order by other settings and details, such as payment on delivery and so on. Customers complete the order by making a digital payment or in another suitable way so it is possible to manage a complete e-business by creating a Magento shop.

What is Magento extension?

Magento extension is a block of PHP code – a set of functionality added to Magento to expand its functionality.

It enables you to customize features and functions in every area of ​​the Magento store including the front and back interface, integrations with third-party web services. Magento extensions are developed by a  very wide community of Magento partners to give you the flexibility to maintain your store the way you want.

A variety of extensions (free and paid), available for download from Magento marketplace, And from third-party partners like Magestore. In addition to the rich Magento functions, this enables you to solve a lot of problems without programming skills.

The plugins are the core of Magento, each action is performed on the site, front end or back end through a module. Module act as containers for one or more of the following functions:

  • Settings
  • Database Schema
  • databases
  • Rendering objects
  • utilities
  • Data models
  • Action controllers.

The module can be created from all these seven things, or only one of them, allowing safe and easy development of the basic platform functions.

What are the myths about Magento?

There are many false rumors about the Magento, so we try to clarify these rumors and create a kind of meaningful discussion that shows the facts and highlights

1. Magento is slow 
If you have used WordPress or Drupal or Joomla etc., you know that the performance of any CMS Depends on different factors. We think who created the rumor may have chosen cheaper hosting and installed too many extensions (the probable cause that heavier his site), you can optimize your pages load speed. Nike and Adidas did not have to use Magento in their online stores if they were slow, were not they?

In addition, Magento developers improve every version of Magento with new features and upgrades, so each update comes faster than the previous one, which means that you do not have to worry about Magento’s speed.

2. Magento is a completely free platform
This may appear at first sight contradicts some of the above-mentioned words. you may object to this information but listen to us. Yes, Magento is called free in essence — in official documents on its website – it is open source and free to use So you can use the famous content management system to start your online store, but you will not have much to do. Of course, you will need professional designers, and skilled Magento developers, to bring the professional look to your store and customize your store as you would like it to look. Even if you use the free version, you’ll have to invest in buying the best design templates, extensions, and other tools that transform your site into a professional online store.

3. Magento is easy to use
Downloading Magento software is easy, but after downloading, you will realize that it’s not just walk in the park, In fact, it takes some training to master dealing with Magento platform so you can fully manage your store, Ease of use depends on your skill level. But the average person at first glance will find it complicated to deal with already. So, to make the most of Magento, you need to have the necessary expertise in PHP or you can hire our specialized Magento developers to help you with all the steps of creating and managing your e-store.

4 – Magento is for large companies
A big list of brands that use Magento for its work Nike, Samsung and Adidas, while these brands may actually impose this myth, but this does not prevent the use of Magento as a platform for your online store in your business or in your startup company, The Magento is highly Scalable and flexible content management system. It can be used for both small and large businesses. If you know your business needs well, you will have no problem with creating your Magento store.

For the second time, You should have some training and learn to get started with Magento and get the best use of it. Even if you plan to target a small market with your online store, Magento is the right solution for you.

5. Magento does not provide customer support
The Magento Content Management System provides you with an economical solution to start your business online and going up the stairs of success. This means that thousands of others have the same ambition and use Magento for the same purpose. In this case, Magento cannot provide support Free of charge for all these people, but of course, Magento has a wonderful community of support so you are not alone when the problems occur and of course we at Internet Solutions provide technical support to solve your technical problems that need specialized hands to solve.

Even if you’re using the free version, you have a huge support community that can help you with every problem or obstacle you face.

Conclusion :

There No doubt that Magento platform is the appropriate choice for your business on the Internet for any size as long as you have specific requirements you can use Magento and ask for help from specialists. We happy to assist you in any step and provide you with our Magento web development services. Your success is our success and a step for the company to reach Its goal to be the best Magento development agency in the Gulf. We are happy to discuss the content of this page and any of the mentioned points, if you have a comment on any part, leave your comment, and if you have any information you want to add, we will always be happy.