Radwa Chicken

Radwa Chicken is the leading provider of premium chicken products in Saudi Arabia. Since 1979, Radwa’s success and reputation have been earned by providing premium quality chicken to match and surpass the world’s highest standards.


Radwa Chicken had a pain to provide fresh chicken products to its valued consumers in easy and fast way meanwhile there was a gap between consumer demands and prompt supply due to the legacy method of handling orders. Also, Radwa Chicken need to reach more new customers in new markets to provide the premium chicken products.


INTERNeT SOLUTIONS has determined the Radwa Chicken pain and worked on providing the needed solution by created mobile apps and web portal solutions that published online on Google play store and Apple Store that show chicken products in professional user experience in web and mobile display with fast performance to let customers order their fresh chicken instantly through website or mobile app with 3 easy steps starting from selecting products, set delivery location on Google map and select allowed delivery time slot that validated by app in order to check the location shipping zones coverage & time slots availability in order to organize the delivery operations and prevent mismatched orders.

After that, finishing the order by choose the suitable payment method. On the other hand, Radwa Chicken received the customer’s orders notification in the web backend system that specially developed with orders delivery admin panel to let Radwa Chicken manage their own delivery fleet  & operations from its point of sales directly to customers by their delivery fleet that handling the delivery operation in the right time and right place through the provided order details on app. So, the new app system succeeded to close the gap between consumers & Radwa Chicken supply and reduce the orders delivery operations cost.

In addition, INTERNeT SOLUTIONS has worked on digital marketing on the website and app by executed search engine optimization SEO using standard web pages SEO codes, keywords, tricks and making useful content for customers like Radwa corner that provide food recipes, useful information about chicken and related info. In addition to successful digital marketing campaigns through Google search engine, social channels & messaging services. All of that achieved the fast reach of new customers as well as wide spread of Radwa Chicken products over the internet.

Meanwhile, INTERNeT SOLUTIONS provided the required support via their experienced team that installed, configured & secured the online hosting server environment in addition to professional service level agreement after project published to ensure the best daily performance for all aspects of mobile apps, e-store & hosting operations.