Naqla Company

Naqla Company

is a leading company in the management and marketing of transportation services and some other services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing transportation services with dismantling, installation, cleaning, pest control, washing and maintenance of tanks


Naqla Company aimed to create an idea to provide its services through the electronic market using mobile application technology, as it realized the importance of the electronic market in spreading and providing a platform for service providers and service seekers.


INTERNeT SOLUTIONS has created a mobile apps platform to manage transportation services and some other services then published them online on the Google play store and the Apple Store. The mobile apps platform divides the app services into two sections, a section for service providers and a section for service seekers and communication between them as it helped to provide services in an easy and fast manner, especially for transportation services, disassembly and installation across the Kingdom. The Google Maps system has been integrated into the application for location and tracking of orders, as well as the integration of the chat messages system between customers for easy communication.

Therefore, shipping and deliveries are made at the right time and place. Therefore, the mobile application system succeeded in bridging the gap between service seekers needs with the quality required by service providers.

Meanwhile, INTERNeT SOLUTIONS provided the required support via their experienced team that installed, configured & secured the online hosting server environment and app stores accounts in addition to professional service level agreement after project published to ensure the best daily performance for all aspects of mobile apps, e-store & hosting operations.