Makkah Province Principality

case study

Makkah Province Principality is the official government entity for Makkah provinces that manage the government services and civilian procedures for citizens & residentials in the provinces area.


Makkah Province Principality has to upgrade its services to electronic government services according to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia global vision to optimize the provided services and civilian procedures to Makkah provinces citizen and residentials. In addition to publish the updated information for all civilian data, procedures, latest news and events in the provinces.

Also, there has a need to integrate the sophisticated electronic forms workflow with the principality internal system.


INTERNeT SOLUTIONS has created a web portal using highly secure and stable platform technology (Microsoft share point) that fit with the government sector entity “Makkah Province Principality”. Meanwhile to integrate with the internal ERP system to implement the sophisticated e-services workflow that provided through the new web portal as “inquiry about transaction”, “Tawasul E-services” and” Verify Emirate Of Makkah Employees Documents”. As well as providing classified informative section for procedure manual, news, events, organization structure, Makkah magazine, The princes of Makkah, Makkah culture forum, Makkah region development authority, Makkah excellence award and the map of provinces.

Also, INTERNeT SOLUTIONS has added admin dashboard area for “Makkah Province Principality” employees to manage web portal sections to update & follow all information provided at the web portal frontend.

INTERNeT SOLUTIONS has succeeded to implement the sophisticated e-services workflow with multiple steps starting with web portal users forms submission tell ended in the internal ERP system that process the request then revert back to web portal to show the result to user.

Therefore, the web portal has achieved the goal of “Makkah Province Principality” by providing the target e-services and the required integration plus the informative sections for civilian needs.

Meanwhile, INTERNeT SOLUTIONS provided the required support via their experienced team that installed, configured & secured the online hosting server environment and app stores accounts in addition to professional service level agreement after project published to ensure the best daily performance for all aspects of web portal & hosting operations.