Dallah Driving School

Dallah Driving Company is one of the leading Saudi companies specialized in training the drivers for exceptional driving skills and operates under the supervision of the General Directorate of Traffic

The company enjoys the largest market share in this field and is well equipped to respond to present and future needs of Saudi Arabia. It continues to engage in coaching the Saudi cadres with the objective of creating a highly skilled and specialized pool of human resources which will cater to the labor market in Saudi Arabia with trained professionals in this field.


Dallah Driving Company offers training courses at their branches that widely spread in whole kingdom of Saudi Arabia for enhancing driving skills and endeavors to raise the awareness of and respect for traffic regulations and safe driving. Theoretical and practical lessons are conducted using state-of-the-art high-resolution multi-display simulators running latest versions of real-time simulation software and a large fleet comprising more than 300 vehicles ranging from Private and Public vehicles (light and heavy), buses and motorcycles. Therefore, there was a need for mobile apps & website to manage and organize the driving courses workflow starting from reservation till fees payment online.


INTERNeT SOLUTIONS has analyzed the need for mobile app android/iphone solutions beside the website that were made with the latest technologies to publish the corporate identity of Dallah Driving Company and its services online to prevailing the awareness of traffic regulation and safe driving as well as handling the workflow of the driving courses reservation cycle online till course fees payment through mobile apps and website. Moreover, INTERNeT SOLUTIONS has been succeeded to manage the heavy traffic of users’ subscriptions & payment transactions that reached to 1000 e-payment transactions per day from the mobile app & website.

Also, INTERNeT SOLUTIONS provided the required support via their experienced team that installed, configured & secured the online hosting server environment in addition to professional service level agreement after project published to ensure the best daily performance for all aspects of mobile apps, website & hosting operations.